New publication: “Citizen publication during the Covid-19 pandemic”

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic is the perfect storm that corroborates the magnitude of upcoming challenges for the future of democracy, cities, and citizen participation. […]

New study “Housing Policies in (the) Crisis: The Troika Memorandum and the Housing Market in Portugal”

In 2011, the Portuguese Government, the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank formally signed the document ‘Portugal: Memorandum of Understanding on […]

Salvaguardar esquemas justos de trabalho a tempo reduzido – uma visão geral europeia. Informe político do Instituto Europeu de Sindicatos (ETUI)

NOTA: Este texto é uma tradução de cortesia do Informe Político N° 7/2020 do Instituto Sindical Europeu, “Ensuring fair short-time work – a European overview”. O […]

FES Italy publishes FES Briefing on Eurobonds and European Citizenship

The European Union is facing a huge challenge: How to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, but also how to address its tremendous impact on the economies of […]

Fearful view to the north

Saviour in distress or warning example – the role of neighbours in the Corona crisis By Reinhard Naumann | 09.04.2020 Portugal The socialist government of Portugal […]

Conference report “Housing for all in Europe – What problems? What solutions?”

In november 2019, Portuguese and international policy experts, scholars, activists, practitioners and policymakers came together in Lisbon to discuss European solutions for the housing crisis at […]

Relatório Intercalar da segunda reunião de Lisboa do projeto “Reclaim Europe!”

Já se encontra disponível o Relatório Intercalar da segunda reunião de Lisboa do projeto “Reclaim Europe!“. O documento pretende fornecer uma visão geral das principais lições […]

Video “Talk Real in Lisbon: Voices for the right to the city”

Neoliberalism is shaping cities as places for tourism, gentrifying and dismantling the cooperative environment of the neighborhoods. Activists in Lisbon talked to us about the importance […]

Democracy’s Problem is not the Crisis but the Triumph of Capitalism

Interview with Wolfgang Merkel NG/FH: In some sense the diagnosis of a »crisis of democracy« has been in the air for a long time. But in […]

Alexander Schellinger (Ed.) Brain Drain – Brain Gain: European Labour Markets in Times of Crisis

Publicação com artigos de Céline Teney, Jorge Malheiros, Isabel Tiago de Oliveira e outros.