New publication: “Citizen publication during the Covid-19 pandemic”

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic is the perfect storm that corroborates the magnitude of upcoming challenges for the future of democracy, cities, and citizen participation. The impacts of the covid-19 pandemic in cities, where more than half of the world population lives, offer a unique cross section to understand whether and to what extent participatory practices have been pushed forward.

In the new publication “Citizen publication during the Covid-19 pandemic – Insights from local practices in European cities”, Roberto Falanga, Postdoc Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences (University of Lisbon) and expert advisor on participatory processes to the Lisbon city council, provides a systematisation of evidence-based knowledge about local practices of citizen participation in Europe in the time of the covid-19 pandemic. The report was built upon the consultation of online sources in October and November 2020 about public propositions, policy guidelines, and databases collecting information on participatory practices in Europe.

The report concludes with twelve policy recommendations that aim to contribute to the advancement of the international debate on the future of citizen participation by unfolding its transformative potential.



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