FES Italy publishes FES Briefing on Eurobonds and European Citizenship

The European Union is facing a huge challenge: How to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, but also how to address its tremendous impact on the economies of the member states. A common path to recovery is threatened by old schemes of the north-south divide inside the Union which is deepened by the coronacrisis. In the FES Briefing Eurobonds and European Citizenship, our colleagues from FES Italy launch an innovative financing model that has the aim to bridge this divide and enable Europe to combat the economic consequences of this crisis in solidarity.

The model was developed by Andrea Boitani, Professor of Economics at the Catholic University of Milan, and Roberto Tamborini, Professor of Economics at the University of Trent. On April 20th, FES Italy organized an online conference with the title “Recovering in Solidarity” to discuss the model with Members of the European Parliament and other international experts, among them Miguel Matos, Member of the Portuguese Parliament.

You can find the FES Briefing here. Please click here for the video of the online conference.